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Hi! Can the itch version be played with Steam users or is it the multiplayer in this version strictly LAN only?


It's completely cross-platform, you can play the version with players on Steam, Discord, and PlayStation 4.  Only caveat is that to play on the official public servers you must be signed in to Steam or Discord for authentication (doesn't matter where you bought it from though).  Dedicated servers (if you or a friend runs one) can be configured as to whether they accept any connection or only authenticated (Steam/Discord/PSN) users.


Very cool, thanks! You have one more satisfied customer.

I don't know how to start the DRM free version on my Mac. I need instructions please.

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Hi Silverhawk! There should be an executable named SplodyDarwin64 that you can run. I don't actually have access to a Mac to test on, so not sure on exact steps. It's possible it lost the "executable" bit when getting packed for, so you might need to use the terminal and run:

 chmod +x SplodyDarwin64 

And then run ./SplodyDarwin64. If that works, let me know, I'll try to fix the build process and update the instructions.

Thanks for the details over on Discord!  This issue has now been resolved, you should now be able to simply double-click on the SplodyDarwin64 executable to run it.