Journey across the perilous Divide between the Spiritual and Physical Realms.  For profit, of course.

Did you ever wonder: "What if Uncharted Waters was a dungeon crawler?"  I know I sure did!

Average play time (if you get hooked and play all the way to the end): 90 minutes

Time to see a representative sampling of the game (I'd suggest: visited another town and then returned, and found at least one secret passage to bypass some fights along the way): about 15 minutes


  • 6 towns across two realms!
  • 14 Trade Goods to buy, sell, and profit with!
  • 4 key items to collect to win the game
  • Optional final side-boss for your mercenaries to fight


  • The combat along the first path  you take is rather difficult, try finding a way through with 0 or 1 fights (and, if you get really unlucky and your mercenary dies, just reload and try again ^_^).
  • Except for a few later areas, almost all combat is avoidable, though at some point it's optimal not to.
  • Double tap a movement direction to sprint.
  • Access music volume and game saving in the Esc menu.

Controls should be mostly self-explanatory, but here are some alternatives not shown in-game:

  • All: Toggle which buttons turn  vs strafe in the Esc menu.
  • Keyboard: Space to accept menu options, Numpad, Arrows to navigate on-screen and in-world.  M for Map.  Shift-click to sell/buy max, or speed up combat.
  • Gamepad: Bumpers to strafe.  Trigger to sell/buy max, or speed up combat. Y for Inventory.  Back/Select for Map.  Start for menu.
  • Mouse: Also works, if you like that kind of thing
  • Touch-screen/mobile: Should work great!  Not much testing on that front though =)

Post-jam updates:

  • Fix crash playing in app (apparently it doesn't support HTML5 Audio?!)
  • Fix combat bug where you could sometimes get a game over while opening a chest
  • Fix display bug on high score list
  • Minor changes to initial tutorial text / hints
  • Original jam version playable here



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Fun data time from looking at the high score list for _Uncharted Wanders_, as of the end of the jam rating period!

94 people played long enough to get any money at all.

• Of the people who only managed to sell their keepsake (21), the quickest was 21 seconds, the slowest was 4 minutes, clearly there was some discoverability issue with the bootstrapping process and selling items in the shop =).  Also note the high score only gets submitted when the net worth or victory progress goes up, so these people may very well have managed to buy goods, make it out of town, and then die in The Divide, not actually just gave up immediately.  However, another 16 people managed to do the one super trivial quest in the starting town (and nothing else), so those 21 didn't even do that.

32 people rated the game on Itch, a lot of the other plays probably came from other communities I shared it in

• Median playtime of submitted scores was 400 seconds (~7 minutes, though they may have played longer but just not made any progress)

• Median playtime of those who beat the game (21 people) was 100 minutes.  Quickest victory was by possessedcow  in just under an hour.  Slowest victories (excluding an outlier likely from being AFK...) were around 3 hours!  I hope they were having fun.

• Highest net worth currently goes to Maddie , who accumulated approximately 6 times as much as the most frugal player (Yurga) to win.  Hoarding money is fun, I understand.

• All but the one most efficient player who won had more than double the amount of money actually needed to win, a good sign people were getting engaged (or lost!).

Special thanks to everyone who played, and added your name to your score, it's nice to know who the weirdos are ;).

Do you have plans to expand this title? It really has the makings of something bigger. I will follow to check on you, i hope to see bigger, even commercial version of this;)

No current plans, though I might try to combine some of the mechanics that worked into a commercial product in the future.  I'll definitely let people know if that ever happens ;).

Really enjoyed this, wouldn't mind having a downloadable version of this even if it costs a bit.

Glad you enjoyed it!  Sorry, it's all just web tech, so no downloadable version easily available - you could clone the GitHub repo and install and run the development server through Node.js if you really wanted to, but that's about it ^_^.  Maybe someday I'll figure out how to wrap it all in Electron or something...

It seems the app allows you a "download" version, and I've worked around the issues getting it to run there now, so you can install it that way ^_^.

That is cool, worked splendidly and also helps with other browser-only games.

Cool, thanks for your support!

This is a really nice game, love it !